Rota do Vale do Côa
Museu do Côa
Museu do Côa


The characteristics of the village and its location provide a wide range of activities:

  • Walks on livestock and ox-carts trails
  • Walk to the grove of holm-oaks of Juízo (1,2Kms)
  • Monitoring/participation in various mixed farming activities
  • Birdwatching
  • Visit to the city of Pinhel – manor-houses, castel, Santa Maria Church , S. Luis Church, Santo António Church, pillory.
  • Visit to monuments of surrounding municipalities.
  • Visit to Cidadelhe (10Kms)
  • Visit to Historical Villages
  • Visit to the Archaeological Museum of Côa (33Kms)
  • Visit to the Archaelogical Park of Vale do Côa
  • Visit to the Archaeological site of Vale do Mouro  (8Kms)
  • Douro River Cruises (36Kms)
  • Rail Travel in Douro railway line (36Kms)
  • Visit to farms with wine tasting
  • Thermalism at Termas de Longroiva (14Kms)
  • Visit to the Faia Brava Reserve


Take note: Do not forget the bicycle