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The «Casas do Juízo»

The «Casas do Juízo» - Village Tourism, are in the village of «Juízo» and have 8 houses with a total of 13 double beds and 4 singular bed.

All houses have fully equipped kitchen, air conditioning and electric boiler.

The recovery was based, both internally and externally, by maintaining the original character with predominantly yellow granite.

The houses surround a farmyard and inserted in closed condominium located in the village center. In this condominium we have a shed, a terrace glass covering, 2 fountains, 1 backyard, 1 well for rainwater use, 2 common bathrooms.

As a complement there are 5 houses, greenhouse, vegetable garden, fruit trees, warehouses, garages. Of the 5 houses we highlight the Reception house set in an ancient wine press and house meals. The Mine located on a water mine which provides a unique environment for meals.